“Mother Gaia” by Jen Otay


Title: Mother Gaia
Artist:  Jen Otay
Dimensions:  (unknown:  approx. 16 x 22)

Oil painting.   FRAMED (frame not shown).

In this piece the energy of late summer is in full swing. On the Medicine Wheel Summer is in the Southern portion…the Red Portion. Red is typically the color of rootedness and groundedness. It is symbolic of the 1st Chakra. Summer is a time of growth on the medicine wheel…the growth of mental clarity.

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Guest Artist (non-competing):  MOONbow ARTworks was established in 2002 by Jen Otey in Girdwood, Alaska, following shamanic training. Since that time she has lived and worked in Cripple Creek, Alaska, The Big Island of Hawaii, and a few points in between. She currently resides in Southwest Virginia with her husband and son. In 2017 Jen opened Rose Cottage School of Art, where she teaches painting and pottery classes.


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