“Dance” by Don Elmes


Title: Dance
Artist: Don Elmes
Dimensions:  17 x 13

Photograph. FRAMED (frame not shown).

In stock



Guest Artist (non-competing):  Don Elmes has been exploring his environment through his camera lens for over forty years, both professionally and for personal fulfillment. His images, often ephemeral in nature, are of things all around, often overlooked or ignored. Don retired as office manager at the Appalachian Arts Center several years ago where he prepared imagery for publication and website construction. As a teacher and self-employed crafter of matting and picture framing, Don has provided classes, seminars, and workshops for regional artists and students on photographing their artwork and matting and framing it, as well.

I have always been fascinated by light. As a science major in college, I learned that matter, the stuff we are made of, can be described as “frozen light.” Photography for me is also a medium of “frozen light,” a means by which the fleeting moments and discoveries that define our lives can be captured and shared. The act of looking through my camera lens at the ever-changing painting of light that surrounds us, entices and beckons me to really see.”


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