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Continuing education for arts professionals, teachers, and students looking for a bit more in their arts education.



Create Appalalchia’s professional development series for creative industry professionals.

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Diversifying Before Disaster:
Pandemic-Proofing Your Creative Business

January 21, 2021


A series of events and classes designed around the artistry and craft involved in the production and delivery of great food.

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Digital Media

Starting in 2021! Continuing education courses for the professional artist and media developer working with digital technlogies. Create Appalachia has partnered with East Tennessee State University and industry professionals to create a robust curriculum of courses for certification, credit or personal skills development.

Just for Kids

Starting in 2021, we will be offering arts education classes specifically for kids, from kindergarten through high school.

Our Education Partners

College of Business & Technology

Innovation Laboratory

Departments of Digital Media, Media Communications
and Engineering Technology

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