Dr. Hannah Harvey

March 11 and March 18,  2021

6 PM (online, interactive)

Instructors: Dr. Hannah Harvey

Tickets $80, Register at  https://www.createappalachia.org/education/artsatwork/

APPALACHIAN HIGHLANDS: Dr. Hannah Harvey, nationally known professional storyteller and distinguished teacher, will teach creative entrepreneurs to craft a professional story for promoting themselves and their businesses.

“The cardinal rule of storytelling is that you have to be deeply invested in what you’re sharing to engage an audience,” says Hannah. “Your business is your story, and this workshop will give you practice in learning how to tell that story well. Coherency, editing, and clarity are critical. You have to paint a vivid picture. To achieve this, you need to revisit stories about how you came to be where you are—why you started and what you overcame. These are powerful ‘hero stories’ that will engage others.”

During this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn to use their stories to make creative, persuasive presentations in writing and in person, from elevator pitches to longer version. In the first session, Hannah will help creatives discover their core business identity. She will share techniques for shaping that identity and defining what their business brings to the community. Hannah’s second session will lead creatives through a brainstorming exercise and activities that will help them organize their ideas give practical advice about building a community of customers. Each participant will leave with solid content drafts that can be honed and polished for use on websites and social media, in print, or in professional conversations and presentations. Individual consulting is available after the workshop by arrangement with Hannah.

Hannah Harvey is a sought-after guest on stages and screens and podcasts, known for her focus on the power of everyday story performance to form individual and cultural identity. Her work has been featured on a variety of platforms, from the National Storytelling Festival to Yale University’s Grand Psychiatric Rounds. She has given workshops for Veterans Administration healthcare providers nationwide on storytelling and rural healthcare; for lawyers on storytelling and representation; and for pastors and rabbis on storytelling in ministry.  Specializing in Appalachian oral history and performance ethnography, Hannah has received accolades for her performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland and has led intercultural workshops in Casablanca, Morocco.  She has also produced two video courses with The Great Courses on The Art of Storytelling: From Parents to Professionals (2013) and The Children’s Guide to Folklore and Wonder Tales (2017), and recently published a third Audible Original course on The Hidden History of Holidays (2019) in conjunction with The Great Courses.

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Create Appalachia’s goal is to make the Appalachian Highlands a better place to live and work through innovation and entrepreneurship centered around the arts. We are working to support an environment that will generate new businesses, provide jobs in the arts, and encourage graduates from our colleges and universities to stay in our community.

The Arts@Work Series supports entrepreneurial and self-employed artists and makers who wish to develop their professional business skills. Topics include business strategy, marketing, communication and promotion, pricing, and client relations. The 2021 Arts@Work series was curated to meet the particular needs of small creative businesses dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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