Create Appalachia’s Arts@Work series presents “Styling and Photography for Creative Businesses”

Learn how to style, present, light, and photograph your pieces to maximize their appeal to curators and potential buyers.

Join us for this two-session, hands-on intensive workshop. Walk away with important knowledge for promoting your creative work!

  • Session 1: Thursday, May 20th, 6-9 PM
  • Session 2: Thursday, May 27, 6-9 PM

Optional individual consulting available. Information on request.


Tom Raymond of Fresh Air Photography and Cher Cornett, ETSU Digital Media Faculty

Why This Is Important:

Whether you’re a wildlife painter, an instrument maker, or an artisan baker, you need to be equipped with simple photography skills. Creatives must be able to promote their creative products in a number of contexts:

  • consideration by galleries and collectors;
  • online sales;
  • submission to exhibits;
  • publication; and,
  • use in promotional media.

These two sessions will teach you to style, present, light, and photograph your pieces, maximizing their appeal to curators and potential buyers.

Participants are encouraged to bring one piece of artwork or a packaged product to be photographed. (Sorry–no open or plated food. That’s a different workshop, and we’re working on offering it soon!) For this workshop, you should bring a two-dimensional, unframed piece of artwork. The size should not exceed 3’x3′.

Session 1: Tom Raymond, an internationally known commercial, architectural, and editorial photographer, will take you through the basics of how to style, light, and shoot your art or your product. Bring a camera if you have one. If not, many of these techniques can be performed with a smartphone.

Session 2: Cher Cornett, award-winning photographer, and graphic artist will demonstrate some simple strategies for digitally editing your photos to maximize the impact of your images and prepare them for print or social media use. You will use the photos that you shot in session one as practice.

NOTE: We recommend taking the sequence as published here, but depending on demand for spaces, we may allow purchase of à la carte tickets to one of the sessions only. If you are interested in attending only one of the two, please email for pricing and information.

Create Appalachia’s goal is to make the Appalachian Highlands a better place to live and work through innovation and entrepreneurship centered around the arts. We are working to support an environment that will generate new businesses, provide jobs in the arts, and encourage graduates from our colleges and universities to stay in our community.

The Arts@Work Series supports entrepreneurial and self-employed artists and makers who wish to develop their professional business skills. Topics include business strategy, marketing, communication and promotion, pricing, and client relations. The 2021 Arts@Work series was curated to meet the particular needs of small creative businesses dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Katie Hoffman
Executive Director
Create Appalachia
(423) 329-4742

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