In her book, Unholy Mess: What the Bible Says about Clutter, Angie Hyche claims that clutter is more than just lots of stuff, and writes that, “Clutter is anything that distracts us from our priorities.”

As a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Shipshape Solutions in Kingsport, Angie is on a mission to help people get free of clutter. Together with her colleague, Liana George, she has launched a new podcast, Uncluttered: Shaping Your Heart & Home for What Matters Most, which explores the ways organizing your life can help you achieve your goals and give you peace of mind.

“Liana and I are working on a book with the same title as the podcast,” Angie says. “On our podcast, as in the forthcoming book, we discuss the connection between faith and staying organized, and why it’s important from a Biblical standpoint.”

As a Create Appalachia Individual Member, Angie has access to a streaming media lab located at the Kingsport Center for Art & Technology, and designed by Garren Parkins of Deskrig, who also trained Angie to use the studio’s high tech equipment.

“The lab is only a few minutes walk from my home—it couldn’t be more convenient,” she says. “Liana is based in Houston, but we can produce each episode virtually as if we are in the same studio.”

To learn more about how keeping organized can change your life, visit shipshape solutions. The Uncluttered podcast is available on Apple podcasts, or the Uncluttered YouTube channel .

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